• Omami Stage 1 Box - 2 weeks of meals

Omami Stage 1 Box - 2 weeks of meals

Smooth, easy blends. Our stage 1 blends are suitable for curious babies who have explored single ingredients and are ready to try new flavours. 

See our Stage 1 Blends and nutritional information here

You'll receive a mixture of all our Stage 1 meals in your box.  Our meals will last for 14 days in the fridge from the day you receive them. 

We can also create a mixed box for you, just send us an email with your order number and we'll take care of the rest.

Choose 1 meal per day for 14 pots (£3.50/ meal)

Choose 2 meals per day for 28 pots (£3.22/ meal)

Choose 3 meals per day for 42 pots (£2.97 / meal)

Delivery Information

Subscription boxes - Free shipping - delivered every 2 weeks (pause / cancel any time)
One-time purchase - £4.99

Our shipping boxes will keep your baby food chilled on its way to you; just pop them into the fridge once received.  All our packaging is curbside recyclable.

Feel free to serve warm or cold, whatever your baby prefers. To serve warm, simply empty contents into a saucepan and gently heat or pop a pot (BPA free) into a hot bowl of water until warm.

While we don't use any of the 14 major allergens in our blends, we can't guarantee there are zero traces yet.  We're working on it!

  • £49.00